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's coming in the house after 6:30. disapproval aimed at blocking the obama administration's changes to the welfare law. also expected, a package of energy and entertainment bills aimed at boosting energy production and jobs. house live on c-span. the senate gavels in at 10:00 a.m. wednesday to continue work on a veterans' jobs bill as well as take up a job funding the government for six months. for more, we spoke to a capitol hill reporter. >> senators spent the week to create job corps for veterans. where does that stand now? >> they claim to vote on the 19th. they will take off monday and tuesday for the jewish holiday and they will finally begin writing this on wednesday. >> who had objections to this? >> there were several reasons to stall. first of all, if you wanted the cynical view, the republicans were not going to give them anything. democrats control the senate. the bill is meant to increase hiring and job training for veterans, particularly those who have served in afghanistan and iraq. part of the problem with republicans said that there were other things the government
both men, starting with president obama? guest: the election is about choices. in less than 60 days, it is a choice of who will lead the country. when it comes to energy policy, it is an incredibly stark choice. president obama has been a leader in moving us towards a new, clean energy future. jobs of the future. we need to reduce our dependence on oil and move to new, clean sources -- renewables, wind, solar. he has done a lot of that. we need to keep moving forward. unfortunately, mr. romney'a energy policy was written by big oil and it takes us backwards. that is not the path to the future. that is the path to more climate change pollution and more subsidies. it takes is a backward. our energy policy is important. we need to go forward to the future that is clean, renewable, built on the kinds of policies president obama has put in place. romney trust the markets more. if he looks like he wants energy sources, which ever ones can be cost-effective so that we can have reliable, affordable energy. obama's attempt to shift as to a clean energy future is almost laughable when you loo
michelle obama. we will have live on the starts in about 10 minutes. mitt romney and his wife found their 2010 tax returns yesterday. he paid a 14.1% tax rate. here is more about that. we will watch as much as we can tell our live coverage of michelle obama. >> this morning dealt with the release of tax and information from the ronnie's campaign. 13.7 coming in a combined income, giving it a 14.7 tax rate. 2.2 $5 million to charity deductions claimed it. $3.5 billion earned from warren -- it foreign countries. a $3,000 paid in foreign tax. $1.3 million paid in state income tax. if you go to politico's website, there is a story there saying that mitt romney's tax history is still fuzzy. what is fuzzy about the history? caller: one thing that is interesting is the campaign did not release tax returns before 2010, but they released a summary of the returns from 1992 through 2009. during that period mr. romney paid an average of 20%, but we do not know what he paid each year. we still do not have any kind of tax information for the annual years before 2010. host: why is it important to
would end. secondly, to obama's credit, obama is no saddam hussein. meaning he's not a brutal dictator that doesn't have to deal with a pesky congress, doesn't have to deal with a netanyahu government, doesn't have to deal with various lobbyist, all the different things that obama does have to deal with. saddam didn't have that. if he -- if you disagreed with saddam, you would be dead. so if he made that promise, he could deliver on it. the iranians have significant doubts as to whether the president of the united states is capable of delivering on something that they don't even know exactly what it is. as a result, this policy of just going for the pressure and sanctions in the hope that the iranians will become softer is so focused on the effort to add pressure and is not sufficiently focused on making sure there are clear choices that actually the iranians will able to see. otherwise, it will be nothing more than naked escalation which will yield naked escalation from the iranian side. that's all we've seen so far. thanks. >> i think it's an oversimplification of what's going on. wh
policy in dealing with iraq and afghanistan? if you are not satisfi, what you think president obama should consider in a way of changes? >> i am not satisfied. as a libertarian, i seek a world at peace with other nations. i look to thomas jefferson's quotation for inspirion. peace, converse -- commerce, -- america should stop acting as the world's policeman. i do believe in a strong national defense, but the optimum board is defense, not offense. we do not have the mour money cy spent here at home. >> todd akin. >> it is important to have a foreign policy to start with. you have to have some basic principles, the guidelines. that needs to an acute -- includingraq, afghanist, a whole lot of other countries as well. the problem is we have not had that. what it seems like the vacillating policies we have almost punished our friends and helped o enemies. we decided to turn our backs on two of our allies, the czech republic and poland. we had plans to build missile defense. we gave that is a concession to russia. how much has russia helped us with iran? how much has russia helped us with
. in 2009, congress passed and president obama signed the lilly ledbetter fair pay act. it is the name of a woman who was discriminated by her employer for more than two decades but could not get justice because of the supreme court's conservative majority came up with a creative new way to read laws against job discrimination. the lilly ledbetter ad provides struggle protection for women and some states are doing now the opposite, weakening women's legal protections against discrimination. it was brought to my attention the other day that extraordinary money wielded by a few men behind the far right conservative movement is aimed perhaps not so much at electing romney and ryan, but in fact in the senate. who knows what would happen if that were in republican hands. so all right, why? why? when women are 51% of the work force, 57% of higher educational degrees, primary care givers at home, primary consumer force in the marketplace, why have we done so little to protect ourselves in this political arena? so little to demand equal representation? [applause] i want you to imagine somethin
president obama being elected. he sends a message to iran were come up for the first time, he addressed the government directly. he had campaigned saying he wanted to have engagements. then something happened. in june, 2009, there was the election with demonstrations. there was a question should you negotiate with ahmadinejad's administration. the in the states put together the idea of a fuel swap. iran would still be able to continue to enrich. i think this offer was a the facto recognition of iran's right to enrich. something they were asking for since 2003. a year, the time it would take the renter enrich back up to this level -- you have a magic compromise. iran agreed to it at first, but it fell victim to domestic politics in iran. it fell apart. turkey and brazil at the same numerical agreement th had with some differences. one, they drew up something called the tehran agreement. they said their rights to enrich inalienable we recognized. iran had started to enrich to 20%. that means there were much closer to nuclear capability. the other problem i see with the may, 2010 agreement
and teachers first and the teachers' union behind. >> the first debate between mitt romney and it barack obama has left -- it is less than two weeks away. jim leher moderates. watch and engage with c-span including a live debate pre be starting at 7:00 eastern followed by the debate at 9:00. he recalls, e-mails, and tweets afterwards. >> president obama and milwaukee. this is the first visit to wisconsin and a sense of february. the presidential leading mitt romney 51% to 45%. this is about 45 minutes. >> hello, wisconsin. [cheers and applause] it sounds like you are fired up already. [cheers and applause] it is good to be backed in milwaukee. [cheers and applause] first of all, it is good to be back because this is the closest i have been home in a couple of months. i was thinking about hopping on the freeway and just driving on down. one hour and a half or marry a little shorter with the poker table. before i came out here i was able to have been outstanding sampling of brought worst from milwaukee. i am also glad to be here because i get to see some great friends like your mayor who is in a
and 45% to democrats. when they see someone who is a sure winner, but they gave a lot more money to obama in 2008 than they are doing right now. i do not worry so much about it. i wished they had a little more political backbone in what they seem to demonstrate. >> mr. carter, we heard earlier from a professor that he thinks there is a double standard with differing standaroutcomes in thr i.d. we all know it was a challenge under the first amendment. what is your response that these two cases represent the supreme court's application of a new and unjustified double standard? >> with all respect to the professor, i think his analogy and allegation of the double standard is fundamentally flawed. first, the cases are not comparable. in citizens united, there was a ban on speech. in the crawford, no one was being banned from voting. all they're asking is to prove to say who you are. all they need to do is prove that they are a corporation. on one hand, you're talking about a ban and when there is no ban. the burden is not remotely, parable in either case. second, the government of's role -- a
on iran. the gulf and israelis were unhappy with the way the obama administration dealt with mubarak. i disagree with that, but that is another issue. today, syria is under civil war. this was not inevitable. it was inevitable that -- if a protracted conflict is allowed to fester, three things are inevitable. more violent, or sectarian, -- more sectarian. there is a moral responsibility for the united states, for the eu, for the turks, and the arabs. everyone is talking about syria india like iraq. the syrians feel abandoned by everybody. they tell you, we have to sort it out, nobody cares. most of the demonstrations were peaceful, when violence was being exercised by one side, the government. i do not remember in modern times in arab autocrat bombing his own capital. you mentioned certain cities, in damascus, baghdad cairo. they're being bombed by their own leader. the united states, in the early months of the uprising, could have influenced that. encourage others to provide weapons and others. you always run these risks, but in the end, if we talk about the united states power, we may
the person in the obama administration, the stimulus package, you mentioned race to the top, one of the initiatives that was funded through that in 2009, one of the polices there that was being pushed was overhauling teacher evaluations and one of the ideas was to use as one of several measures growth in student test scores. now, this is a complicated idea, it's not really been done before, there are legitimate, i think, research disagreements about whether these things can and should be used for teacher evaluation. but the idea of it is that you want to see not just -- teachers instructing kids and learning as a result of it. but typically what districts are doing such as the ones you named are coupling the sort of complex statisticual test score calculations with observations in classrooms done by either principals or assistant principals, sometimes by other expert teachers. host: outlining the complexities, he picked up on two points. one is something we talked about earlier, teacher evaluation but also the testing of students and should that be a measure for the success or fa
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)